Unique Application Systems Ltd.

VIP Walling sales

VIP Walling a unique application process developed and manufactured in Ireland.

Based on a rendering system our colouring method has been developed to suit the local terrain and natural stone colouring, using a blend of pigments and polymers we have achieved a robust surface finish and strength that withstands high pressure washing @ 3000 psi.

Further information can be requested through our main distributor Unique Applications Services Ltd whose Webb site can be viewed at www.uas.ie or you may call our sales team at 1 800 777 555.

VIP Walling Texture Examples:

The method of colouring allows us to apply VIP Walling anti–graffiti protection again giving added protection to external and internal walls when needed.

Grouting colours can also be changed from standard natural grey using VIP Walling integral colours thus adding more variety of appearance to the overall aesthetic look of the surface.

We at VIP Walling have ensured the highest and most rigorous of quality control is applied during manufacturing as well as application of VIP Walling ensuring only certified applicators are allowed to use and apply VIP Walling coatings.

All VIP Walling surfaces are treated with either a Gloss or Matt sealer giving protection and reducing the likely hood of scratching.

As with any surface treatment care must be applied during the preparation of installation and we at VIP Walling have ensured that only the best practice methods be used during the application of our system by our applicators.

Any surface texture can be reproduced along with antique colouring in either gloss or matt finishes