Unique Application Systems Ltd.

Stone Overlay / Aboutsales

A new and exciting product range for paving & driveways

Our unique refurbishing program re-invents your existing paving and walls. Replace dull concrete and tarmac with vibrant and exciting designs, without removing your existing concrete or tarmac paving.

Special features:

- Installation on a wide variety of surfaces
- Wide range of natural aggregates
- Unlimited design opportunities
- Non-slip surface
- Quick installation requiring minimal downtime

Our stone overlay can be used internally for residential and commercial work areas such as utility rooms bars restaurants, bathrooms, smoke areas showrooms and play areas.


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stone overlay

Typical Application:

  • roads
  • car parks
  • ramps
  • pedestrian areas
  • schools
  • public parks
  • residential schemes
  • retail development
stone overlay

Special Properties:

  • non slip & non-skid;
  • natural coloured aggregate appearance;
  • wide range of colours;
  • rapid installation;
  • for use on internal & external paving;
  • aesthetically pleasing colour designs & logos;
  • Sealed surface reduces staining and algae;
  • minimal maintenance;
  • extremely durable and hard wearing;