Unique Application Systems Ltd.

One Shot Spray Crete / Sealerssales

Sealers are all pure acrylic based in virgin solvents for improved clarity and anti-yellowing characteristics.


block paving sealer gloss

Gloss Sealer
- 25 Litres

block paving sealer matt

Matt Sealer
- 25 Litres

Acid Stain

- 1 Litre

Permanent stains for new and used concrete surfaces.
Variety of colours.

Please ask for details.

Anti-Slip Additive

- 1/25 litres





block paving sealer matt

Bloom Remover

- 25 Litres


Removes efflorescence (whitening) from under solvent based acrylic sealer films.


Restores colour depth and shine to newly laid Pattern Imprinted Concrete.
25 litres treats 100 sq. metres.


Brick Acid

- 25 Litres

Concentrated acid solution. Useful for cleaning concrete prior to using Overlay Screeds.
Can be used to remove excess Release Agent

Overlay Screed

- 25 kg

Ready to use through coloured "Printable"screed.
Made to order.

Available in all "Colour Hardener" colours.

Release Agent Wash

- 25 Litres

Designed to wet-out powdered Release Agents. Making them easier and less messy to remove when pressure washing.
Allows for lower pressures to be used and hence less surface damage.

SBR (Resin Print Liquid)

- 25 Litres

A concentrated SBr resin. Suitable, once diluted with 2 parts of water, for use to modify on-site mixed Overlay Screeds or as a Bondling liquid/Mortar modifier.


Stripper Gel

- 25 Litres

Used as a last resort to save Imprinted Concrete that has colour problems or Sealer problems.

Will completely remove all solvent based Acrylis Sealers and the underlying Release Agent.

Sealer Renovator

- 25 Litres

Designed to repair & re-seal Imprinted Concrete Surfaces.

Restores the shine to worn solvent based acrylic sealer coatings.


- 25 Litres


Neat virgin solvent for diluting sealers & cleaning tools & sprayers.